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This project has been tough since the beginning, slow paying clients and one obstacle after another have put me way behind schedule. Didn't help that the guy I was going through to do all this shit was jerking me around for what seems like forever. Now that shit is over (better be, for his sake). Things are finally starting to come together however, so I'll do my best to keep this page up to date.

Updated: 10/16/06

08/21/04 - Sat - The car is supposedly due out of the shop sometime around Friday 08/27/04. We'll see... Planned work is a full workaround of the body, replacing damaged parts and filling in dings, along with a full black paint job, and a replacement windshield.

08/28/04 - Sat - Behind schedule yet again and no word from Oscar. I've been trying to get a hold of him since Friday. The shop that's supposed to be working on my car was waiting on parts he needed to pick up and drop off but never did. He was supposed to do that Friday (which was already late). Anyone else thinking I should be drawing up legal papers after fucking around with this guy since 10/03?? Getting pretty sick of this shit. I have shit to do this weekend so I guess I'll just have to get a hold of Oscar on Monday to see what the hell is going on.

08/31/04 - Tue - Behind schedule STILL I have to run out to Bell Gardens tomorrow to pick up a few needed panels and parts for my car. Isn't is interesting how this whole thing gets put on me, even though I'm technically the customer here? Oscar better get his act together, too much more of this and I'll be seeking a lawyer and some MAJOR damages. What do you think 9 months or so of dealing with this shit would be worth? Bare in mind, this is my PRIMARY work vehicle.

09/13/04 - Mon - I was notified today that Pancho found a rear bumper for my car. Apparently mine was worse off than I originally thought, broken brackets or something along those lines. Cost me an additional $200 that I wasn't planning too, gotta love when that happens. Bumper is going on tomorrow, paint soon to follow. I was promised it would be done this week, however, I've heard that before. I'm really hoping this is the last week I've got to deal with the body. The starter is dead now so I'm pushing for the motor swap immediately after I get the car out of the body shop.

09/16/04 - Thu - Happy B-day to me! New dead-line on the car. It's going into the paint-day tonight and should be ready after sanding and bugging Tuesday afternoon. Added a couple of pics from today. Car is going to SR20Store immediately after body work is complete for the swap to an s14 sr20det.

09/29/04 - Wed - The car is finally painted, currently pending a few touch-ups and the color sand and buffing. Picking it up most likely on Friday and delivering it to sr20store.

10/24/04 - Sat - I've been working my ass off lately trying to get the money for the S14 SR20DET swap and now it's finally in! The paint is basically done aside from a few minor issues which require me to bring the car back to the body shop for touch ups. The car still needs: a hood, windshield, corner lights, all bumper lights, a decent set of wheels, the power window actuator, shift knob and boot, and a serious cleaning of the driver's side seat and carpet. Oscar is still lagging off a bit it seems but I've sent him an email and it seems he's making an effort. I hope so, since my next email will be my "official settle out-of-court" notice before I declare the contract breeched and take legal action. The car is still missing a few things but Oscar gives me his word they'll be taken care of shortly. As always, newer pictures are at the bottom.

10/26/04 - Mon - Well, Oscar was supposed to show up tonight with some of the parts he owes me, but it's now 3am and he's nowhere to be found. Big surprise eh? The car should be ready to leave SR20Store tomorrow.

11/14/04 - Sunday - Paying off the balance and picking up the car from SR20Store on Wednesday. Oscar just called and promised that my hood and license plates at the least would be back on the car by Monday night (tomorrow?), so I wouldn't have to tow it yet again. It would be such a shame to tow a car away from SR20Store with a "brand new" swap in... More pictures to come!

12/08/04 - Tuesday - Finally got the car back a couple days ago. Still got the crappy wheels and the fuel pump's bad so it's sitting in the driveway... waiting on the pump and the hood from IPR possibly tomorrow or the following day.

12/12/04 - Sunday - Couple more delays but the car is looking alot better than before. The hood and grille are on now and I just need to find a set of stock rims and replace the fuel pump and I'll be back on the road.

12/15/04 - Wednesday - Yesterday I took the car back to SR20Store and Marco and me went over a checklist. Turns out the fuel pressure regulator was bad so after a quick replacement the car now pulls like a mad beast! The suspension is shot though so when it tries to boost the car tries to pull to one side. Another pleasant surprise... as it turns out, my car has an aftermarket VLSD. We noticed the clicking on the test drive... Once everything is straightened out I'll break open the unit and take a looksie. If anyone comes across this and has a set of stock S14 4-lug rims, please let me know. I'm having hell trying to find a set and I don't have the money, nor do I want to shell out the cash for a new set of rims if IPR is going to be doing my 5-lug swap and throwing on those 5zigen Typhoons...

02/09/05 - Wednesday - I've been pretty busy trying to get everything together here. I finally got a set of hood pins installed, a CS-2016fm alarm, an HKS Turbo Timer, and Buddy Club Racing Spec Dampers. Still having some issues with my rear brakes at the moment but everything is coming together nicely.

03/28/05 - Monday - Finally got an Exhaust system. Got lucky and got a decent turbo-back system for $340 shipped. Man, there's definitely a difference there, especially in the higher end of the power band.

04/11/05 - Monday - Upgraded to the S14 Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator and bumped up the pressure a little bit. Running great now!

03/22/06 - Wednesday - Been awhile since I've posted, been alot of things going on. Newest mods include rear upper control arms to adjust camber in the back since the buddy club racing spec dampers aren't adjustable in the rear. Blitz LM S14 Front Mount Intercooler kit with Blitz DD Blow-off valve and a hotpipe from Phase2 Motortrend. Greddy Profec B-Spec II boost controller pushing 12.3psi gives her a little more get up and go.

Picture of my front end a couple of days after the accident. Differential went bad and I lost the rear end getting on the freeway. Hit the center divider in the back first then it dragged the front of the car into it sideways.
The entire front end of the car was forced to the left (driver's perspective) by a few inches. Notice that the windshield is intact.
This is where the rear end of the car hit first.
Luckily there was no rear damage to the rear aside from the point of impact.
Full view of the car for full perspective. Notice there are almost no dings or scratches.
Passenger side of the radiator support was bent pretty bad.
Both headlights and corner light brackets were destroyed.
Car was moved to Estrada Body Shop in LA for repairs. A deal was brokered between me and Oscar, my front end in exchange for a computer which was built, configured, and delivered immediately.
Car was at Estrada for FAR too long, notice the build up of dirt AND dings and scratches.
A nice dent from a red car taken as evidence.
The exposed metal parts at this point were rusting horribly. There are now scratches and dings EVERYWHERE.
New damage which somehow appeared magically, since Oscar can't explain how it got there. (Brakes were bad and needed to be bled, my guess is he hit something while driving the car when he wasn't supposed to.)
A closer picture of the magically self-destructing front end.
Finally got Oscar to put my car inside due to fear of theft. It was outside again the very next day.
Poor car is in horrible shape already at this point, with more trouble on the way.
Picture after Oscar finally managed to get someone to remove the front end so that work could begin.
Closer picture of the front end with the bumper and lights removed.
"Muffler" from the Estrada shop straightening out the bent front end parts on a puller.
Notice the nice grey spot on the tire from build up of dirt from sitting too goddamn long?
Close-up of the driver-side of the bumper support.
Close-up of the passenger-side of the bumper support.
Picture of the passenger side of the front end after straightening.
Picture of the driver-side of the front end after straightening.
Full view of the front end after straightening.
Full view of the front end from another angle.
Picture of the passenger side of the front with the panels removed.
Picture of the car where it was to sit for another 4 months even after if was straightened up and pieced back together for the next step of the repair.
A few months later after getting the car running and fixing the brakes. The rims were to remain in Oscar's office to prevent theft of the vehicle. This picture is taken first thing in the morning. Notice where the rim was left sitting all night.
Same as above, different angle.
Notice the horrendous amount of dings in the side of the car from all the stuff that's been laid against it over the months it was sitting there?
Another nice explanation as to why I was pissed off when I went to Estrada that day. You don't treat a customers car like this, EVER!
Taken the same day as above, different angle.
Somehow the windshield was destroyed during the car's stay at Estrada. I was given 2 completely different explanations at 2 different times by Oscar. Shady?
A picture of the shift boot which was somehow torn during Oscar's neglect of the car. The knob was stolen a month later along with an attempt at stealing the exhaust (pictured below).
Obviously the car had not been touched at all during it's stay. Notice the amount of dings and scratches growing along the passenger quarter panel?
A nice thing to wake up to. Someone had tried to steal my exhaust but only got away with a rubber hanger and my shift knob.
Picture of the missing rubber hanger.
The car was finally moved to a shop behind "Shine Street" in Carson, CA. Notice the loaner rims on the car since mine were supposedly stolen.
Same as above, different angle.
Same as above, different angle.
Oscar, with another customer's car pictured in front of my car.
Next set taken 08/30/04. Pancho finally got started on my car.
Since Oscar has been lagging on getting the side panels (which I have to go pick up tomorrow myself unless I want to wait another 9 months) Pancho was only able to get started on the sides of the car.
Minor work needs to be done to the passenger side of the tail lights and bumper, which has obviously been removed.
I almost didn't recognize my car when I first pulled up.
Luckily there wasn't too much damage on the rear portion of the car.
The sides are nice and smooth now, no more dings or "California Dents".
Front end was taken completely apart for sizing and minor alignment.
Look how dirty the intake filter is now after sitting for so long...
Hopefully, the next set of pictures will be of the finished car.
I noticed this the other day. Someone actually had the fucking balls to take my antenna bezel. These goddamn crackheads out here are like racoons, they'll take anything shiney. Thing is, judging by the dirt, it happened recently... as in, at Pancho's shop... I wonder if there will be anything left of my car by the time they decide to paint it? (Edit: Turns out it wasn't stolen, it was on the car when I went to pick it up from the shop.)
09/16/04 - picture of the passenger side bumper which still needs to be realigned
09/16/04 - Full rear view
09/16/04 - Full frontal (pun?)
09/29/04 - Car's finally painted.
09/29/04 - Looks almost brand new.
09/29/04 - The car was a little wet here from a washing so the paint looks a little marred.
09/29/04 - The obligatory orange peel will be taken care of over the next 2 days with a color sand and buff job.
09/29/04 - Oh so much better.
09/29/04 - Close up of the paint (and the water droplets).
10/15/04 - Paint job is pretty much done now.
Couple of minor things still need to be touched up, but the body is pretty much done.
As you can see, there's still a few missing items here. The hood, windshield, wheels, corner lights, paint need to be sanded and buffed out again and some minor alignment of panels.
Paint still looks pretty damn good in my opinion.
Other side.
Looks almost brand new!
Close up of the trunk lid... didn't come out too well with this stupid camera phone and the bad angle I chose.
10/21/04 - A major hurdle overcome: The S14 SR20DET is finally in! Marco from SR20Store does a damn good job. All that's missing is some SMIC piping and a re-charge of the A/C.
Close of the up SR20DET... God that thing is beautiful, can't wait to take it out for some stress relief!
12/05/04 - Recent picture of the front end. Had to throw the old hood on there while i wait for the replacement to get here...
It's getting close to being finished, atleast she's home again.
Pic of the front end after the carbon fiber hood install.
12/12/04 - Front end with everything but the bumper lights.
Looking sooooo much better. Glad she's home. Still got to get a decent set of wheels on there though. I could kill Oscar for "losing" mine...
Struggling with a bad fuel pump. Mine was supposed to be in last week but it's delayed for some reason. So I just went and grabbed a temporary pump off an s13 at the junk yard.
She's definitely looking alot better than before.
Just need to do something about those damned wheels.
Picture of the Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper right-front coilover.
Picture of the front right suspension assembly with the strut and spring removed.
Right-rear coilover installed.
My baby up on jacks while they install the suspension at IPR.
Right-front stock strut and spring removed. Notice the dust-boot is completely gone.
Right-rear strut and spring removed. The struts were leaking and the springs were all heavily fatigued. These little bastards made driving a bit of an adventure until i got the new suspension in.
Recent picture (January 05) or the car after a wash.
These look distorted because I didn't notice the stupid camera-phone was out of space and it defaults to a smaller resolution and quality when it gets low.
She's coming along nicely.
Almost everything that was missing from that stint with Oscar is in. Just missing the side marker bumper lights now.
03/25/05 - Picture of the old exhaust system.
Such tiny pipes...
I'm so glad to get rid of that horrid little muffler.
Comparison of the two cats, the new one is on the left, of course.
Rear picture of the car during the exhaust install.
Another angle of the above picture.
Such an improvement. In the past 2 days I've noticed that now everyone wants to race and i'm scraping a little where i normally wouldn't, due to the girth of the pipes. Small price to pay. I never would have thought a simple exhaust system would make such an immediate difference.
I took this to illustrate how much of a pain the fuel pressure regulator removal is. You can see the top of it right where the radiator hose disappears downward. Lots of fun...
Picture of the drivers-side engine bay piping. So much more work to do!
Someone asked me about the turbo manifold so I decided to stick this up here. Brand new master brake cyclinder is also visible.
Taken while having a smoke brake after fiddling with the fuel pressure regulator for a good half hour and finally getting it off.
Finally got the FMIC in and the difference is undeniable. I can't boast any real numbers until i get on a dyno, but it feels real nice.
Pic of the FMIC from the top.
Much smaller battery needed to allow clearance for the pipes.
Nice and clean, too bad the engine bay wasn't as clean when I took this, heh.
Blitz blow-off valve. I was going to go with something re-circulated but this came with a price I couldn't refuse.
Updated picture of the car. She's a little dirty here.
Recent picture of the car from the rear after a wash.
Same as above from the other side.
From the front.